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Best Darned Framing in Austin, TX

About Steve Porter

Graduate of the University of Texas Fine Arts department in 1981 with a BFA in Art, specializing in graphic design, illustration and black and white photography.  


In 1982 to supplement my income I took a job with a locally owned franchise called Frame It in Barton Creek Square, later to be known as Deck the Walls.  I managed these stores for many years, learning about all things custom framing, attention to detail, and customer service.  

When Deck the Walls at Barton Creek Square closed in 2014 I decided to move to an area that was new, vibrant, and close to downtown to be part of the changing face of our city.

Custom Framing in Austin
About Kim

Kim graduated with an Associates in Fine Arts in 2010. Since then she has spent her time exploring as many artistic outlets as possible. Everything from oil painting to ceramics. Her current focus is collage making. You can see them at our store. In 2020, after leaving her job in furniture sales, Kim and her husband moved to Austin with their dog and 2 cats. When the opportunity came to learn how to frame art, she couldn’t pass it up. It combined her love for art and interior design.

Steve Porter, Custom Framing in Austin
About Vanessa

Vanessa grew up in the Chicago suburbs and spent 11 years as a custom framer in Barrington, Illionis. She and her husband moved to Austin 12 years ago and fortunately for us continued her work as a custom framer and designer since her move here. 


About Our Shop

"I've been custom framing for 42 years.  One thing I've learned in that time is that I can't do everything.  If I feel like your project is something I'm not comfortable doing I'm not afraid to tell you, and I will try my best to recommend a local frame shop that may be able to help you." - Steve

Custom Framing in Austin our shop
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